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  1. Infinite


    Hello everyone! My name is Kyle. I started this forum as a way to create a safe haven for people going through discontinuation symptoms and withdrawals from antidepressants. I myself have suffered a enormous amount after getting off of 9 years of antidepressants, which i began taking when I was 16. After the gruesome side-effects i experienced while on Cymbalta. I started experncing the withdrawal symptoms after starting my my tapering which was counting counting beads at the time. I thought there HAD to be a better way to do this. So I decided to expend some of the OCD energy (which I've never experienced prior to antidepressants) I was experiencing towards supplement research, specifically Nootropics. After researching for almost a year, 4+ hours a day (I have a lot of down time at work lol) and countless tests; I found the best natural herbs and supplements that worked for me. I decided to create this community not only as a safe haven, but as a way for like minded individuals to talk about managing the symptoms with both life style changes and supplements. These two combined, I believe are a potent and essential part of recovering from antidepressant use. Please create a thread and introduce yourself! See you around the board 🙂
  2. Intro to the Microbiome Humans are mainly microbes, over 100 trillion of them. Microbes exceed our human cells ten to one. The bulk live in our gut, specifically in the large intestine. Some suggested resources: https://depts.washington.edu/ceeh/downloads/FF_Microbiome.pdf https://www.kcl.ac.uk/news/bacteria-influence-body-fat-compared-to-diet https://medicalxpress.com/news/2019-06-gut-enterotype-linked-inflammatory-bowel.html
  3. Infinite


    Welcome to the ADwithdrawal community! We are a brand new mental health community focused around both recovering from withdrawals as well as life after. Reaching your bodies equilibrium can be a challenge depending on your age and health and we are here to help! If you're new, don't be shy and post a introductory thread here: https://adwithdrawals.com/board/forum/15-suggestions-feedback/ Our board rules are still in development. Stay tuned!
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